About Ray

Ray Sternesky


            Ray Sternesky is a retired graphic artist living in the musical and artistic Asbury Park for the past 18 years. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY as the youngest of ten children. He attended the first Community Art College in New York, graduating with a degree in Advertising Design.

            Ray worked as a graphic artist for 46 years before retiring. He started at Cooper Studio as a bullpen artist. The talented artist was exposed to the works of Tom Lovell, James Bama, Coby Whitmore and other noted Illustrators. Sternesky began his own Graphic Design business in 1975 located in Soho NYC. Clients included notable big companies, such as Loreal and Cosmair Cosmetics. Other clients include, The Theatre Guild, The New York Partnership and The Central Park Conservancy.

            He has participated in juried shows from New York to New Jersey in Ridgewood, Westwood, Shrewsbury, Belmar and Long Branch, as well as, Montaulk. He partciapated in juried shows at the Monmouth Museum in Brookdale, NJ a number of times.  Sternesky has paintings in private collections in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, California, Florida, New Orleans and Puerto Rico. The Bergen Record, Asbury Press and Coaster have published his paintings.

            In the years of 2005 to 2008, Ray has permitted the use of his paintings to be displayed on banners throughout the city of Asbury Park for the benefit of the Asbury Park Historical Society.  Ray has enjoyed recording the historic sites, through his art, in Asbury Park, a community that has continued to grow and energize in the arts.  He has coordinated and participated in an annual art show on the boardwalk in Asbury Park.

            His love of his craft has is evident in the mood he creates in each of his paintings.  In many of his paintings, he brings to life the past and recaptures it for the present. Ray Sternesky’s art are influential pieces that immerses his audience into Asbury Park’s artistic culture.